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I tried SO hard to avoid the BTS crew on this: Mission accomplished.

Two days. Arri Alexa. On set rough cut assembly required.

Amazing video by Alex Southam. Shot By LA/NY’s finest: Pat Scola

Laura Mvula – “She”

It seems that there is a bit of a tradition building up amongst bands playing the epic SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL in Australia. The music world has always been pretty good at playing moving imagery and Soundwave Australia is a decent example. Bands are encouraged to create small ‘greetings’ videos in the run up to the tour. There appears to be no restriction or list of rules for them apart from 1/ be ace, 2/ do something different. Bands engage in friendly competition and always come up with something completely different to the next lot.

Here is the greetings video I quickly shot and edited with my best bro Dave Morgan for the shit hot noisy bastards THE SMOKING HEARTS

Another little time lapse of the sky at night from Westcliff-on-sea, Essex. shot on a 28mm lens (testing it out) Nothing special. Just playing.

Check out this sweet making of vid for the ghostpoet – LIIINES video.

I’ve recently bought some adapter rings to enable the use of box loads of OLD lenses I’ve found at sales and shop clearances over the years. The results so far have been pretty stunning. I’m not using them properly yet so I decided to practice with them a bit. I used some heavy tele-converters on an old 300mm lens to take some stills of the Moon.

Here are some of the results. It’s a little shakey. The shutter causes a vibration which knocks the shot out a lot. All I could do was put the camera on a 2 second timer to ensure that my hands aren’t causing any shaking.

Click on the thumbs to see the full sized beauties.